Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Most people are completely misinformed about how much sleep we need and unaware that our needs drastically change as we age. Take a look at the chart below by the National Sleep Foundation to see what is normal and abnormal for your age group.

Along with nutrition, exercise, and stress management, sleep is clearly one of the four cornerstones of health.
— David Rakel, MD, from his book Integrative Medicine

Also, note that teenagers need 8 - 10 hours of sleep, which is significantly more than most are getting. Teens naturally stay up later than other age groups (this age group is innately more nocturnal, not because they're trying to rebel against bed time!), yet most schools start very early and therefore prevent most of them from getting the amount of sleep that their bodies need. This has important, long-lasting ramifications on their health because their brains are actively developing at that point and sleep deprivation hinders some of that. Perhaps it's time to re-think what time schools start...

Are you guys getting enough sleep? I am now, but definitely wasn't for most of my life!